WANG Precision Tools Co.,Ltd. A family business belong KOKUHIN group, established in 1935, we have 3 generations experience to manufacturing and export wild range of precision machine toolholder accessories , VDI , power tools accessories, cutting tools, boring tools..etc, over years pile up sound manufacturing knowledge and trading experience.

In the last few years , we extensive cooperation with reliable satellite factories location in Taiwan to provide more various and stable products to our customers such as: Angle head, Toolholder, VDI & boring tools.

Moreover, we can produce according to customer’ samples, drawings, and other specifications, so as to better fulfill their requirements in a positive manner, we also could improve and create products for our customers to gain the competitive edge in their market, we have received excellent reputation from our customers in worldwide.

KOKUHIN insist to operation principle of *high quality, high efficiency and high creativity* to provide our customers the high quality products, reasonable price and best service. Today, KOKUHIN has a lot of satisfactory customers worldwide for success competitive world market , please contact us.

WANG Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.30年以上の専門工業工具輸出入の経験を持っておりますKOKUHIN グループの子会社です。
WANG Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.は品揃えがよい、精密で高品質な工業工具を提供することに取り組んでいます。